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About Us


LABLION Information System is a new generation of pathology laboratory software. Conceived with pathologists and laboratory technicians, and designed for them, LABLION takes into account the most specific intricacies of case processing, keeping the highest standards of Patient Safety, precision and accuracy. Regular tracking and printing solutions are taken to another level - that all-inclusive, comprehensive, intuitive and human level. The System is unique in its in-built customizability, making it a completely lab-specific set of Case Processing Tools. LABLION is a laboratory information system that is as reliable as it is dynamic, constantly improving and exceeding regular standards instead of just meeting them.

Since its founding in January 2005, Integrated Business Solutions Group (IBSG), has provided integrated IT solutions to meet its clientele's specific needs for software and computer hardware engineering, data networking and customized service and support. The company designed and introduced a unique line of software products under its LABLION brand, going beyond the conventional tracking systems.

LABLION products are developed and supported by a unique, dynamic team of creative IT professionals, working closely with pathology experts, laboratory managers and technicians. Out of the box mentality, scientific precision and reliability are the basis of company's principals. Our vision of a pathology laboratory is that of a medical asset of paramount importance, critical to treatment success and patient safety, an environment where everything is but an instrument, - assisting, seamlessly, effectively and accurately, a highly trained personnel. LABLION provides everything it takes to realize this concept.

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