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Instant Remote Support

You should Run/Open the client software that will be downloaded. After that, you may need to approve a security prompt by clicking Run.

Terms and Conditions

Bomgar Remote Desktop Support Agreement

Contractual agreement for using Bomgar for remote desktop support.

Notice To User: This is a contract. After review of this document, you can either accept and continue the installation, or decline. If you decline, you will not be able to use, install, or operate the product. By installing this software, you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Authorization - By downloading, installing, accessing or using Bomgar, you agree that you are receiving IT services and remote PC support from a person who is authorized by IBSG to use the software.

WARNING - By downloading or installing Bomgar, you will permit HelpDesk staff to remotely access your server, workstation, or PC. You are responsible and liable for the following:

  • Ensuring that the person accessing your computer has authorization to do so
  • Confidentiality and the securing of you data, software, and hardware

You agree that IBSG is NOT responsible or liable for the following:

  • Access by third parties, with or without your authorization, to your data, software, or hardware
  • Exploitations of security gaps, weakness, or flaws (whether known or unknown) that may exist in Bomgar or the equipment used to provide the hosting services

No Warranty/Limitation of Liability - IBSG is not responsible for bad memory, failure of hard drives, power supplies, motherboards, or any other hardware failures that may occur under normal use while machines are being remotely controlled. We are also not responsible for any data loss, although we will attempt to minimize the chance that data loss will occur.


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