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What Pathology Specimen Tracking System does?

You already know it does this:

1. Prints

labels for all objects, with barcodes or other smart ways to identify containers, cassettes, slides, etc.

2. Verifies

that you are working with the proper specimen, and identification errors will NOT be made

3. Tracks

a specimen object throughout every step in lab process



I need more than tracking and labeling…

1. Template-based Specimen Procedures

2. Tools & Connectivity

3. Verification beyond ID matching, but also for procedures & instruments

4. Communication for entire laboratory

1. I need specimen procedures for each workstation

Attributes can be descriptions, instructions or procedure triggers.

Every object has attributes that should be seen at relevant workstations.

2. Functionality: I need more tools

3. I need many levels of safety

4. I want my lab to communicate

Requests & messages

Order tests

Take pictures

Add flags to any object

Leave notes

LABLION has set a benchmark for improved patient care with Purpose, Innovation and Performance.

"We strive for excellence"…. the motto that each and every member of the "LABLION Team" is inspired by. Patients expect that when they offer themselves to medical professionals to help them in their time of physical distress, their case will be acted upon as if it is the only one being submitted. Every patient deserves the assurance that a system that is there to provide help will not harm them. We at LABLION offer this comfort in the form of "patient safety protocols" behind the scenes. We not only implement methods to prevent specimen mix ups, but protocols that put in place additional policies of Quality Control and Quality Assurance of that specimen from the moment it arrives in the Laboratory to the time of final diagnosis.

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