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LABLION Software Suite


  • Specimen Tracking Application
  • Specimen Systems Engine
  • Pathologist Essential Tools
  • Diagnosis & Billing Pack

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Specimen Tracking Application

  • Accession
  • Grossing
  • Processing
  • Embedding
  • Sectioning
  • Slide Assignment
  • IHC/SS/Routine/Unstains
  • Assembly and Delivery
  • Verification
  • Inbound Interface
  • Batch or On-demand workflow
  • Printing on labels, cassettes and slides

Specimen Systems Engine

  • Process Protocols by Systems
  • BJ, BR, CV, CYTO, EN, GI, GU, GY, HE, LS, NC, NP, OC, RT, SS
  • Frozens / Quick Sections
  • Grossing Notes Templates
  • Grossing Images
  • Dictation
  • Attached Educational Media
  • Case Quality Control
  • Administration
  • Inquiry Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Facility SendOuts

Pathologist Essential Tools

  • Additional Orders
  • Stain panels
  • Unstains and Controls
  • Intercommunication with lab
  • Requisition/Specimen images
  • Case review
  • Inquiry module

Diagnosis and Billing Pack

  • Diagnosis Tree
  • Dictation & Templates
  • Diagnosis status and notifications
  • Billing codes
  • Pathology result and billing reports
  • Peer review
  • Units Entry
  • Outbound Interface


Our clients say

We have been working with the LABLION implementation team for some months now. We’ve found them to be extremely helpful and accommodating from every aspect. Our Project Manager, is efficient and pro-active and knows the system inside and out, which has been very much to our benefit. LABLION team, from the very beginning, been innovative (and oh so patient!) with our repeated requests for assistance with hardware requirements and placement and most gracious sharing their valuable time. There are only good things to say about this team!

Laboratory Manager

Rouge Valley Hospitals System rougevalley.ca

When we implemented the LABLION software (approximately nine months ago), a number of major patient safety issues were immediately resolved as follows: Bar coding each cassette with a unique identifier eliminates manual identification errors The verification system using the specimen container bar code against the tissue cassette bar code ensures the correct tissue is placed in the correct cassette at gross Scanning the cassette bar code at microtomy ensures the correct matching slide is printed via a slide printer. This process is followed by a slide verification process ensuring the correct tissue section is on the correct slide The LABLION team was and continues to be a group of very knowledgeable individuals with great problem solving capabilities. After only one week of using the LABLION software in our Lab, all staff agreed that we could never go back to our previous manual method. The LABLION software has made our Laboratory more efficient and dramatically safer for our patients.

Senior Technologist

Markham Stouffville Hospital msh.on.ca

The benefits of LABLION are obvious. The ability for our lab to track samples from the minute samples are submitted to the lab, to the separate labs within our lab (Paraffin, Frozens, Neuro, Plastics, and IHC), to each process to delivery back to the Investigator will save paper, time, and mistakes that currently exist in our paper system. The ability of the Report function will allow the lab to produce FDA documentation in the event it is required, and management will be able to track Technician progress, process workflow, process issues, and general number crunching for Genzyme reports.

Pathology Lab

Genzyme Corporation genzyme.com

I find the LABLION team to be very knowledgeable about the laboratory workflow, as well as associated laboratory and IT infrastructure (software, hardware, and network). This allows the implementation of the LABLION product to be easier and more flexible, and accommodating of various limitations. Their availability (remotely and in-person) and willingness to work diligently until resolution is unique when compared to larger vendors. Aside from their impressive technical expertise, the team is very professional and personable. With regards to the product: the software is clearly designed to drive efficient laboratory workflow, while maintaining patient safety. From an appealing user interface to extensive customizable options, the software lowers the learning curve and eases transition from the existing LIS.

Department of Pathology

University of Illinois Hospital hospital.uillinois.edu

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